The COLD laboratory (CryOgenic Laboratory for Detectors) recently setup at the LNF is located in the ex-NAUTILUS building and hosts experimental research and technological activities supported by the 2nd and the 5th Scientific Commission of the INFN.

Lab activities range from the characterization of cryogenic devices such as normal and superconducting resonant cavities, to the R&D for characterization of single photon detectors, in particular Josephson Junctions, and Multi-harmonic magnetic susceptibility measurement.


The laboratory equipment includes:

– large volume cryogen-free cryostat with a dilution refrigerator operating at T down to 10 mK, equipped with 5 RF lines and a 9 T SC magnet

– liquid Helium cryostat with a plastic dilution refrigerator (CNR-IFN property) operating at T down to 40 mK

– liquid Helium cryostat operating at T down to 4 K, equipped with a 8 T SC magnet and a tuning system for cryogenic RF cavity testing

– other liquid Helium cryostats

– 20 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

– 30 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

– 20 and 13 GHz RF Signal Generator

– low noise voltage and current amplifiers

– electronics for SQUID control and measurement